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“Cathy McAlpine Myers, ” a separate nude drawing by Richard Feynman, 1975

“Cathy McAlpine Myers, ” a separate nude drawing by Richard Feynman, 1975

Why should we worry about the bad behavior of an excellent physicist whom passed away more than thirty years back? Why can’t we split Feynman’s medical achievements from their other actions, and compose his sexism off as an item of their time? Since the energy structures that enabled Feynman’s sexism then are exactly the same people that now let us forget their conduct, recalling him just as being a great scientist. They allow famed astronomer Geoff Marcy engage in decades of intimate predation inside the industry and permitted Caltech to preserve Christian Ott’s professorship after he harassed their feminine pupils. And today, they enable Caltech teachers to keep protecting Ott to my peers and me personally, claiming that the feminine students who endured their improper and discriminatory behavior “ruined his profession. ”

For feminine experts, intimate harassment stays an experience that is common. A report by the nationwide Academy of Sciences states that in educational technology, engineering, and medication, significantly more than 50 % of feminine faculty/staff and 20-50 % of feminine students at all known amounts have seen harassment. 4 These figures are considerably greater for females of color. 4,5 certainly one of my closest buddies at Caltech took part in exactly the same NOAO internship as me the year that is following had been harassed by the exact exact exact same system manager because our complaints that year weren’t taken seriously adequate to warrant assigning another scientist towards the place. Читать далее



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