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likewise Been something that is experiencing comparable in my own relationship,

likewise Been something that is experiencing comparable in my own relationship,

I have already been helping her anxiety to my girlfriend and despair for many years too and its own been such a long time that usually We feel down and hopeless too. She relies on me personally sitting yourself down and talking feeling to her, but we too feel a caretaker, a mature sibling and sometimes even a moms and dad often. Its developed a dynamic that is weird our relationship that has all but ruined our sex-life. Also through the years We have terminated a lot of plans with buddies to take the time to assist her about my loneliness that I have lost contact and have become depressed myself. Personally I think caught in a period: she gets low, I take a seat with her and attempt to assist her look at flaws and issues with her anxieties and exactly why they have been simply ideas, but by the end Personally I think emotionally exhausted and all sorts of she would like to do is “cuddle while making up” just as if it had been a disagreement. I’m not yes for love, for the codependency that has definitely developed or simply because I have been doing this so long I don’t know any different if i’m still with her


I’ve very nearly the precise problem that is same. I have already been dating my gf for nearly couple of years.

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