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Rough Rock Announces Complete Overhaul of Taj Mahal with $375 Million Investment

Rough Rock Announces Complete Overhaul of Taj Mahal with $375 Million Investment

The Trump Taj will undergo a major revamp in purchase to become the rough Rock Atlantic City. The minarets need to go. And the faux Mughal architecture, that’s out too.

‘Little Steven’ van Zandt and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie were both current at the tricky Rock press seminar on Wednesday where it was established that the Taj could be changed completely before it reopens as a Hard Rock home.

That vaulted dome, usually the one that moved A donald that is 40-something trump proclaim he had created the ‘eighth wonder of the world’ … well, just forget about it. It’s coming off. It’s therefore 1990.

Rather, there will be refreshing straight lines, a significant load of electric guitars every-where ( because you can’t have too lots of those, right?) and neither a dome nor an ornamental spire around the corner.

This is the $375 million redesign for the Taj, announced by its brand name new owner, tough Rock International, at a press seminar Wednesday.

‘There will not be one… and underscore the word ‘one’… piece of design, architecture, minaret or anything left from the Taj Mahal,’ Hard Rock CEO Jim Allen said. ‘We are eliminating it all.’

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The Florida-based Hard Rock brand is desperate to embrace the culture of nj, its musical history in particular, and also you can not get more ‘New Jersey’ than Steven van Zandt, who was simply a star guest at thi Читать далее



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