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payforaresearchpaper com — The head of Law and Justice Jaroslaw Kaczynski said after that the Parliament will work on a new law on TK.

Since I started to collect information about missing migrants in 2014., On the border between Mexico and the US documented the deaths of at least 1 468 people. Asked in a radio «Signals on» the relationship between the center of the presidential and National Defense and the planned meeting Jaroslaw Kaczynski Andrzej Duda, Dworczyk said: «We are open to dialogue. The Minister Antoni Macierewicz declared several times their willingness to meet with Mr. President, to clarify all possible doubts or questions concerning the system of command and control Polish armed forces. » «It is indeed an important reform that needs to be carried out as soon as possible, we believe that the doubts which formulates the National Security Bureau, will be resolved as soon as possible, and the reform will be implemented» — dodalwiceszef MON.zobacz also deputy head of the Ministry of National Defense: Resort analyze the possibility of implementing the program of building shooting » differences of opinion between the National Security Bureau and the Ministry of Defense for the future system of command and control military concern, among others prerogatives of the president and the structures themselves. The new system will restore the separate command of the armed forces. The concept of National Defense does not provide, however, postulated by BBN having a combined command to coordinate the interaction of forces on land, air, sea and special and territorial defense. Ministry of Defense also proposes Читать далее



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